Patternfly setup in React Application

To order to integrate Patternfly framework into a ReactJS application, create a new project or use an existing one

npx create-react-app patternfly-setup-react

Install patternfly dependencies react-core, react-table and patternfly

npm i --save @patternfly/patternfly \
  @patternfly/react-core @patternfly/react-table

Note: Import base.css and patternfly.css in your project, or some components may diverge in appearance

//This imports are must to render css
import "@patternfly/react-core/dist/styles/base.css";
import "@patternfly/patternfly/patternfly.css";

To make sure everything is working correctly, update App.js with a demo layout from documentation

import React from "react";
import {
} from "@patternfly/react-core";
import accessibleStyles from "@patternfly/react-styles/css/utilities/Accessibility/accessibility";
import spacingStyles from "@patternfly/react-styles/css/utilities/Spacing/spacing";
import { css } from "@patternfly/react-styles";
import { BellIcon, CogIcon } from "@patternfly/react-icons";

//This imports are must to render css
import "@patternfly/react-core/dist/styles/base.css";
import "@patternfly/patternfly/patternfly.css";

class App extends React.Component {
    return (
        <PageSection variant={PageSectionVariants.light}>
              <Text component="h1">Main Title</Text>
              <Text component="p">
                Body text should be Overpass Regular at 16px. It should have leading of 24px because <br />
                of its relative line height of 1.5.
            <Gallery gutter="md">
              {Array.apply(0, Array(10)).map((x, i) => (
                <GalleryItem key={i}>
                    <CardBody>This is a card</CardBody>
export default App;

Start the application

npm start

You should see patternfly design like this!

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